We disappear


Increasingly, people are wanting a way out of the trap of a personal circumstance, the pitfalls of a modern and hyperconnected world, or perhaps personal problems they can find no solution to, however hard they have tried. Sometimes they want to step back, or start again, but often in considering these options, or even having tried them, they realise that a half-measure is not enough, and that only a full and new beginning, with varying potential levels of anonymity, will do.

If you want to start again, from scratch, somewhere new, with a blank slate, in a distant place, where either no-one or perhaps only a select few know where you are or how to contact you, then we are here to help. From partial and temporary occlusions, to full disappearances, we can organise all aspects of helping you start again.

Whether this is just something you want or it's become an urgent need, from the moment you contact us you will have our full and undivided attention, in total or partial secrecy and anonymity, depending on your needs, for a short period or for good, to a city abroad, to a farmhouse, a cabaƱa or even a halfway house whilst you decide what's next.